Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Pine Hollow Arboretum is pleased to announce the receipt of two grants, totaling $13,300, from the Bender Family Fund and the Bender Scientific Fund, both of which are managed by the Community Foundation For The Capital Region.

Both the Bender grants will support the arboretum's core mission, which is:

1) to deliver innovative educational programming for adults and students of all ages, in the Town of Bethlehem as well as the greater Capital Region and beyond; and

2) to carry out field based science research, primarily with students, that documents and tracks specific features of the arboretum, both large and small - ranging from individual tree specimens, to soil and pond PH, to ever changing animal, plant and insect life.

"We want to thank the Community Foundation, and especially the Bender Family, for generously providing Pine Hollow our first two grants," says Dr. John Abbuhl, Founder and President of the Pine Hollow Arboretum Board. "Our Board of Directors has worked very hard in the first few years of our organization's existence to lay a strong community based presence from which we can now, thanks to this funding, begin to develop and deliver a wide range of educational programs that revolve around the beauty and majesty of our trees."
The Bender Family released this statement:

“The Trustees are delighted to help “jumpstart” the Community Education Resource Center at the Pine Hill Arboretum. “The important collaboration with Bethlehem Central School District’s Science Education Program will bring hands-on learning to many students across the Capital District in a unique “community” classroom.”

Finally, PHA Board Member, and Bethlehem Central Middle School Principal, Mike Klugman is the Principal Investigator for the Bender Scientific grant:

“PHA provides the Bethlehem community with an invaluable educational and ecological resource and the aim and endeavor of this grant is to enlighten our community on both fronts.

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