Thursday, May 5, 2011



Barbara Quint talked to Nate Horwitz and me from the bench by the willows at the end of Long Pond. She said there was a pair of Canada Geese who swam close together and had a nest near the pond shore. Two ducks seemed to be in a territorial battle over a third. The large gold koi and large yellow koi were active swimming in and out of shadowy weeds. The water lily leaves have not fully emerged yet and these water plants were most visible as greening yellow stems under the water surface. I encouraged Barbara to return in early summer to see them in flower. She asked how many koi are there in the pond? I don't know. I took some photos of tadpoles. Their external gills soon to be replaced though metamorphosis to the adult bullfrog. Plop, plop, plop as you walked any pond edge showed many small frogs had successfully wintered.

Two successful events brought over seventy-five people of all ages to Pine Hollow Arboretum on the weekend of April 29-May 1, 2011. The Music of Jim Williams and the written talent of the Delmar Writers Group brought out a nice appreciative crowd for the Showcase on Friday night April 29th. John Abbuhl said he parked seventeen cars which means there were more cars then deer at the Arboretum that evening. Marion Menna, Alan Casline, Paul Amidon, Jean Van Dyk, Mimi Moriarty read poetry. Susan Morse and Julie Cushine-Rigg shared some of their prose. It might be close but it appears there were more writers then ducks at the Arboretum.

Jim Willams makes music

poetry crowd at Pine Hollow Arboretum

Susan Morse

Poet Paul Amidon

Mimi Moriarty reads at Pine Hollow Arboretum

Sunday, May 1st was a sunny warm day and many people came by to visit the grounds during our Open House. For some it was a return visit but many had promised themselves in the past they would visit and were happy they had finally made the trek. The familar "I had no idea this was here" echoed in the hollow and up the hills. All were encouraged to come back and see the changing variety of flowering trees as we move into late Spring. It was nice seeing so many folks enjoy the plantings, ponds and trails. I must report, however, despite the large turnout that the frogs still outnumbered people by a large number. Here are some photos of the Open House.

--Alan Casline