Monday, December 12, 2011

As 2012 approaches, take a moment to remind yourself how fortunate we are to have the Pine Hollow Arboretum. Every day, 3,250 trees are on display throughout the year. Horticultural treasures change and grow each season, in an eco-friendly exhibit carefully tended by curator Dr. John Abbuhl. This magnificent open-air museum is here, in our Town of Bethlehem for everyone to explore.

Throughout the seasons -- artists, poets, music lovers, families, students, teachers, bikers, environmental enthusiasts & others visit the Pine Hollow Arboretum. Many visitors are now friends and members, widening the circle of supporters. Local community organizations and preservation initiatives are also evolving, including the two-mile stretch of the rail trail that opened last summer, from Veterans Park to Kenwood and Grove, running parallel to the Arboretum and adjoining borders with the Slingerlands Historic District.

The Arboretum inspires creativity, introspection, learning and discovery. It interprets how nature helps, hinders and balances the world around us. Just when we think we get it, Mother nature changes the rules. This year taught us powerful lessons in the wake of Hurricane Irene, the floods of 2011 and the value of giving. Maybe we understand a little better now, why we need to protect and preserve what we have.

Happy Holidays…

SLS 12.12.11