Saturday, August 6, 2011



Friday August 12 , 2011 at 7:00 pm
Pine Hollow Arboretum, 16 Maple Avenue,
Slingerlands, NY

Featuring Poets: Carol Graser, Marion Menna,
John Abbuhl, Therese Broderick, Virginia Acquario, Howard Kogan, Alan Casline, Dennis Sullivan,
Obeeduid, Ron Pavoldi, Mimi Moriarty, Tom Corrado
Catherine Connolly, Jim Williams, Mike Burke

Musical Interludes by Jim Williams

Arboretum Tour at 6:00 pm

A display and book sale of many of the reading poets will also be a feature of the event

For more information phone: (518) 439-6472

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Douglas Fir Tree at Pine Hollow Arboretum (fir on left side of photo)

Fir is derived from the Old English furth or fyrh or the Danish fyrr, meaning "fire", from its use as firewood. The fir at Pine Hollow Arboretum never have to face that fate. Either standing upright for a full thousand year growth or fallen to serve as planting site and nutrients for other growth, the Pine Hollow fir are all granted the natural forest cycle. John Abbuhl pointed out the success of his efforts to create natural conditions and self-seeding trees. The fir tour started near the Enterance Trail, climbed Japaneses Hill, then went by Russian Pond and all along the Fir trail with a brief swing to see speciments near Greenhouse Pond. Of the 46 species of fir tree in the world, we have over 30 different species growing at Pine Hollow Arboretum. We learned to look for upright or downward growing cones, the ridges and nubs of fir needles as well as how soft or sharp the needles might be. It was interesting to observe the deer feeding signs so high up the trunks of young fir due to the tall snow cover of last winter. Fortunately, John told us the trees are not significantly damaged. Some of the trees were so small still that we couldn't see them yet as they are covered with undergrowth. Perhaps by next year they will be tall enough to add to a very enjoyable FIR TOUR.

Note the upward pointing cones. Fir cones point up.

John Abbuhl with magnifier shows needle characteristics

Group examines another different fir

Pine Hollow Fir Tour on the Fir Trail