Monday, August 17, 2009


Front Pond, 6:15 pm, August 14, 2009

The tour of the arboretum was much more than we expected. John's dedication and knowledge were very impressive! It's wonderful to be in his company, both as botanist (if he calls himself that) and poet. The audience for the poetry reading seemed to be appreciative of the varied voices and styles. It's a lovely venue for poetry and I recommend that this event be repeated often. The refreshments were a very nice touch - after the walk we were thirsty and hungry - so a big thank you to Kate for her contribution, as well.

---Mimi Moriarty

on the arboretum tour: visting the "Big Pile"

I have already gotten some "feed back" from non poet neighbors who loved it! I think it is very exciting to merge all these different talents and interests.

---Kay Abbuhl

poets: (front row L. to R.) Joyce Schreiber, Marion Menna, Mimi Moriarty
(row two) Susan Morse, Rachael Ikins
(row three) Ron Pavoldi, Obeeduid, Alan Casline

Thanks all for one of the best poetry readings I have ever been a part of . It was right up there with the Smitty's Tavern reading this spring. I thought the audience was the best collective group I have ever read to. I like our "poets reading for other poets" readings very much but this one had a broader appeal, maybe because of the site and the mix of mailing lists and publicity. (both the TU and Metroland didn't list it but I guess the Delmar Spotlight and Altamont Enterprise did.) The crowd was so attentive and into it -- it was like they were adding clarity and meaning to the poems just by the power of their listening. I thought poets were on as well; with content, selection and presentation. The new Rootdrinker Institute PA did a fine job too. Thanks to John and Kate for once again making folks feel welcome on their turf.
--- Alan Casline