Sunday, September 9, 2012


We had a great summer at the Arboretum! Here is a summary of some of our activities and accomplishments
• Thanks to being recipients of grant funds, we developed an educational curriculum that allowed us to partner with the local school district to bring elementary students onsite to teach them about our unique collection of trees.

• Thanks to a significant donation, we hired a SUNY Environmental Science intern who worked onsite for 8 weeks. Some of her projects included: studying the biodiversity of the property, creating and displaying new signage, continuing our efforts to label all of our trees, managing our Facebook page and helping to create a letterboxing (scavenger hunt) series.

• The Breathing Room Yoga Studio held yoga classes at the Visitor’s Center and in the metaseqouia field. What fun!!

• The Rootdrinker Institute and Delmar Writers Group held a series of poetry readings at the Visitor’s Center.

• We created a letterboxing (outdoor scavenger hunt) series. You can find our letterbox clues on

Fall is a beautiful time to visit the arboretum. We hope you will come and enjoy the property. With the lack of rain over the summer, the leaves are expected to change color earlier than usual. We will keep you posted on when this starts to happen

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