Friday, September 14, 2012


August Madness at Pine Hollow Arboretum

On August 26th, forty-six Fort Orange Wine Society (FOWS) members and friends took part in Dr. John’s summer excitement at Pine Hollow's Maple Avenue office building - and $4500 was donated to Pine Hollow Arboretum from the proceeds and silent auction! It wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of John and Kay Abbuhl, David and Susan Pratt, and the FOWS folk who worked with them.

Additionally FOWS members donated wines valued at more than a thousand dollars for the silent auction where only one wine sold below its value price! Successful bidders were generous and went home with some outstanding wines.

FOWS members Maura Gannon and Jim Linnan of Taste donated the delicious food, and Julie and Sami of their banquet staff provided quiet, friendly, and professional service.

Ralph Bonavist of Allstar Wine and Spirits in Latham donated a case of bodacious bubbly to help slake the thirst of a warm day, and four more wines provided the conversational lubricant. (If you want the tasting notes, contact Stu Horn at

If you missed it you missed a terrific afternoon: beautiful weather; Dr. John’s inimitable Arboretum walking tour; wonderful contemporary music by two talented musicians; but most of all the relaxed camaraderie of FOWS people enjoying themselves for a most worthy cause.

write-up by Stu Horn

wine awaits bids

Dr. John Abbuhl 

Photos from Fort Orange Wine Society Event
August 26, 2012

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