Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sunday July 18, 2010 brought together a grand gathering of Visual Art, Artists, Friends and Supporters to the Pine Hollow Arboretum. The Plein Air events put artists on our grounds and the results were amazing. Virginia Acquario coordinated the event and the warm day brought out a nice crowd of people to see the results. More than one artist admitted to a late deadline and in a few cases artist's brought still wet paint to hang on our walls. Forty-one different pieces by nineteen artists displayed work in a great variety of mediums. Music was provided by Mike Harrison and refreshments by Pine Hollow Arboretum Board and Members. The grounds were open for people to walk our trails and see where all the inspiration came from. Sixty-three votes were cast and the People have spoken! First Place went to an acrylic painting Maple St. Entrance by Joan Baim. Second Place ended in a three way tie between Robert E. Link, Virginia Acquario and Peg Vetro. Link was honored for his watercolor Pine Hollow Mallards; Acquario for an acrylic and watercolor ponder and Vetro for her pastel Front Pond at Pine Hollow.
Joan Baim People's Choice

The difficulty in selecting is illustrated by the fact that seventeen artists received votes. Other participating artists included: Marion Menna, Dee Foley, Ellen Prakken, Judy Scanlon, Kevin Kuhne, Linda Nimmer, Laura Strong, M.J. Adelman, Jacqueline Smith, Juliet Lafaro, Obeeduid and Callie Winkeller.
Thanks to our sponsors for helping to make this Exhibit possible. They are: Bethlehem Garden Club; Thomas Bailey; Rootdrinker Institute; Arlene's Art Supply; Price Chopper; Delmar Sign Shop and Ship, Copy & More (Rich Schaefer)
Mike Harrison
Happy Day at the Art Show
Playing in the Band
Pondering your vote at 16 Maple Street

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