Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Late Morning Walk

Azaleas where are the azaleas? White magnolia are in bloom, trees in celebration. I remember azaleas from hiking in the Taconic range near Brace Mountain. Somehow they had gotten free and whole mountain sides were covered and in flower. So critical to arrive on the right day, so I told myself got to get over to Pine Hollow Arboretum. Hiking boots on, as it is still a little wet (have to ask John, might be drainage from last few days of rain). There are lots of dry trails like the ridge up Japanese Hill and along Fir Trail towards Pine Hollow Road side of Arboretum and the one right out and up close to flowering trees in Magnolia Field. So I do know what azaleas look like and I guess it is still early for them? John said these are the early magnolias, which implies "later" ones. Gold and yellow koa are out in Front Pond. The benches look so inviting. This is the fourth time I've visited the Arboretum and I'm beginning to see how trail system works. I am going to paint some simple signs. I like to take a map and find geographic features that I orient in the direction I'm facing. John is right when he said you have to actually walk the trails to make sense of where to put up signs for direction. Here are some photos from today.
--- Best, Alan Casline

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